To Vanishing Point I Watch Thee Softly

I hereby fore swear and surrender allegiance to/and use of/the following:

coffee/processed foods of any stripe/my favorite TV show that tracks/the moral struggles/of a sensitive, soft-spoken serial killer/And, oh yeah, did I say coffee?/

I surrender self-defamation as a past time.

My three boyhood droogs, Shame/Rage and Despair I relinquish./When i left home at 22/I thought I had seen the last of them./It seems they found me/on FaceBook./I un-friend them now.  They'll never miss me. 

Excuses carefully dressed/in the righteous garb of considered/choices/I grant extended holiday.

I redirect the mental currents/that like a fisherman's net/cast their stifling web of words/across native promise and goodness,/just long enough to see/point of origin/long enough to touch stillness/beneath the tumult.

A last farewell/to the closet laden/with grey, ill-fitting suits~/these I offer in exchange/for one custom honey-bee body/and wings, of course./So clad/I set about pollinating the broad earth.

(February 2011, Berkeley, CA)

(510) 704-1351