#4 Resonance

Resonance is the power that evokes enduring images, memories and feelings.

Though I have for years now walked happily across the rolling coastal hills of Northern California, the shady, mixed community forests of the White and Green Mountains of New England, rock everywhere underfoot, will always be first blush of my enduring love for the wild.  Consider the dusty smell rising off the hot asphalt just before a summer thunder shower, which always made me feel like one of the sturdy oaks behind my parents house in suburban Boston, roughly set to attention by the stiff wind:  'This is something you ought not to miss,' the wind would insist.  'Wake up!  For this is precious and will make you grow broad and deep inside yourself like the river.' (Funny how the wind sounds a lot like Langston Hughes)  These are the gates that pull us beyond our small points of reference, and fold us into the deeper movements of the earth.  It is about place, and it is personal, calibrated to our own sensibilities born of that time and place.  And who am I, and who are you, not to listen?

Recently, I heard an inspiring teacher speaking of such triggers that release us into remembering the sacred and our place within it.  He spoke of dew in the grass and sunrise.  Where he is from, the sunset is emblematic of death, and so it took him many years to find an appreciation for the cusp between day and night.  It could be anything, really, that releases the imagination.  The slow arc of the moon across a cobalt desert sky, the elegance of a brown kelp forest swaying with the shifting currents, the terrifying edge of lands end that plummets suddenly hundreds of feet to the sea.  All of this here to keep us waking, grateful, and engaged in this fragile, time-bound moment of our living.

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