#1 Breaking Ground

I can't say exactly how it happened, or why, but we have slowly drifted from one another, words and I.  No drama.  Nothing like the younger days when the torch song singer of French and Egyptian extraction with the dark, unfathomable eyes had my heart wrapped around her baby finger.  And she would twirl that little finger for the sheer fun of it all, and for the chance to see the fullness of her reach.  Storming out of cafes, late night calls, flashing, brilliant eyes, the fleeting gifts of her full attentions and affections.  Ordinary moments were off the menu!  As far as I knew in my stunned, intoxicated, horny youthful innocence, that seemed just who she was, and I loved her the more for it, painful as it was. 

This love of the word is of another sort.  It is a dance with an invisible partner who appears and disappears on her whim, though I don't doubt for a moment her return to me.  Hers is the small yet persistent voice that I know intimately and gladly lend my ear to each lifting or falling tone, each breath, the unspoken promise of wholeness in each word.  

For my part, it is this look back today, not unlike Orpheus turning against eternal grief to be sure his Eurydice is still safe, that is the measure of my love.  This then is the regret-tinged, hopeful note reaching through time, and into my own self to ask for a second chance to honor the gift of language that was given to me as a young man, and has stood patiently by waiting for us to find our way forward.  

And this is the moment...for this next month, I will write each day and share the fruit of that effort.  That the product of this time is good or bad I don't really care.  That I write 29 of these next 29 days I promise, to myself and to you.  So stay tuned as the plow breaks the ground, here dry and hard, there fertile and receptive, and turns up the living dormant soil.  Whatever your relationship with the word, I invite you to join me on this voyage of return, curiosity and engagement!  

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